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Bar - Restaurant - Cantine

Your customers require a good treat with warm Food 24/7, you want to offer thame cooled drinks, fresh coffee/tea and seasonal or indispensable Non-Food articles? Do you want a reliable, cost efficient solution and not to employ additional staff? And do you want an integrated solution, with automatic interfaces, full control and your brand/Company design?

Then we have the right solution for you. Our fully integrated Food&Service Wall Features a cooling unit (5 °C to 12 °C) for Food and beverages, a microwave unit, hot coffee and tea in style (Nespresso, QBo or similar) and all those (non - food) products that you can not afford to miss on travels, abroad or at work. It is the combination of the products mix (Portfolio) and the innovative handling features that make this vending solution absolutely unique. Vending has never been more appealing. Use the Social Media Connectivity to let your clients tell their friends and followers about their shopping experiance that you offered to them.

The exterior design and the products portfolio will be according to your requirements - to display your brand in the most positive ways.


Main dishes, classid kitchen, vegetarian, vegan

Startes, soups and deserts, snacks


Beer (Bottles and cans 0,3l to 0,5l)

Wine (Bottles 0,25l to 0,5l)

Soft Drinks (Bottles and cans, 0,2l to 0,5l)

Non-Food articles:

travel (umbrella, travel cushions), cosmetics (toothcare, razor blades, creams....), Elektronics (headphones, charger, batteries,...), souvenirs (chocolate, watches, cups, T-shirts,...) and so muhc more 

Social Media Activated

Some important specifications:

- Touchscreen, client friendly interfaces, choice of languages 

- Age control

- Hook Drive, Box-Drive and Roll-Drive for versatile product portfolium, hanging products, boxes, cans, bottles - all in one integrated machine

- Capsule coffee machines - easy operation, low maintenance - highly accepted, also for "take home" purchases

- Core module with handling unit, payment modules and Non-Food articles. Additional modules can be added laft and right, e.g. cooling units for food and beverages. Up to 4,50 meters long integrated vending system

- Cooling Units with zones ranging from 5°C (food, soft drinks, beer) to 12°C (wine)

- NFC, Cash (coins and paper), credit/debit Cards, chips, badges, RFID

Social Media Activated & Connected - offer your clients the opportunity to tell stories about their brand experiance. Give them a discount, when they Twitter a message or upload a picture of your product/brand to Instagram and share it with their friends and followers. Or give a product for free, to work on the customer relationship, allow for vouchers or small presents. Promote special or limited Editions of your products, which are only sold via Vending 4.0. 

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