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retail and shops

satellite retail or In-Store retail

What can Vending 4.o do for shops and retail? Vending machines can serve a an additional Point of Sale (PoS) when they are used as satellites. They can carry the brand message beyond the walls of the shop out on the street. They perform as an interface between the online shop and the client - only think of the fast growing concept of "order & collect". Vending machines function as a pick up station.


Or you want to integrate vending machis directly into your shop front to feature innovative "window shopping"! In any case, you extend your opening hours to 24/7 and reduce the barriers for shoppers to get what they want - and they want it now.

Additionally, in retail shops vending machines can serve as a safe storage to reduce inventory losses and theft - from clients and employees. Valuable goods are properly secured and every sales process is documented.


Specifications are (examples):

- Connectivity, LAN, realtime controlling of status, stocks and sales

- Client friendly user interface, touchscreen

- Unique in its handling options, also of heavy and bulky articles

- Allows flexible and huge product portfolio
- Easy connection to your ERP systems
- Combination with al actual payment systems - RFID, NFC, Cards and Cash
- Reliable performance, high capacity, fast handling
- Space saving design, full use of expensive area
- Climatisation

Especially these products can be sold with Vending machines:

- Hanging products of any shape and sensitivity
- Boxes, products with straight/even surfaces/edges

- Rolls, bottles, cans - zylindrical shape
- Valuable, expensive products with mostly small/compact measurements
- razor blades, hygene products, cosmetics, pregnancy tests, batteries, bulbs, electronics, headphones, battery packs for mobile, games, cigarettes, souvenirs, customized waste bags,...

This solution based on thesetechnologies:

These clients use advantages of solutions:

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