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References and projects


SX 10 customized for IKEA on its roadshow through Switzerland (train station Zurich)

March 20, 2019

Versatile SX10 can be seen here as a customized version for IKEA Switzerland. Up to 100 different product categories can be stored within one vending machine - hanging products, boxes, rolls or bottles. Also new: The touchscreen for even better and faster operation and a digital UX! 


The "Schoggimat" for Raiffeisenbank in Davos/Switzerland

June 30, 2016

Raiffeisenbank of Switzerland promotes their newly equipped self service areas and puts emphasis on the easy access to the services for all clients.  Additionally the bank wants clients to enjoy a special business experiance and features the firts chocolate vending machine "Sweety". It is activated by the debit/credit card of the client and will vend one item within 24 hours.


Waste Management Solution for Maus&Freres Shopping Centers

February 29, 2016

When it comes to the distribution of cost for waste services/disposal, it needs fair and transparent solutions. On 14 different venues in shopping centers all over Switzerland these costs are controlled by vending machines that sell customized waste bags. The tenants use magnet cards/chips to activate the vending machine and cost is assigend to them according to the use of waste bags. The bags are supplied by josTTTech as well and consist out of recyclable, strong material. A minimum of 4 up to 8 RollDrives are installed in each machine to vend zylindrical shaped products.


Vending machines for Bruxelles

June 30, 2015

City maps, flyer and event information are sold with this vending machine in Bruxelles, which is based on a NX10 with MapsDrive. The vending locations are at highly frequented venues such as train and tube stations, airport arrival halls and public places. The machines provide high volume and speedy sales processes 24/7. Even in the age of Smartphone, iPad & Co many people rely on the physical map or information at hand. 



Speedo Swimwear at swimming pools

September 30, 2015

Close at the demand of the target group. The NX10 sport is most commonly used at public or private pools (hotels, resorts) to sell bathing suits, goggles, watches, training equipment and flip flops. This is a conveniant solution when sales points are not staffed 24/7 and price of personal is too high. In this case the NX10 is usually equipped with BoxDrives. The internal specification and the exterior design are customized.


Vending machine for retail - MIGROS Switzerland

June 30, 2014

The SX10 in the configuration for MIGROS features all technologies that make josTTEch vending machines unique: The HookDrive for hanging products such as razor blades, or condoms, the BeltDrive for Boxes (Creams, cigarettes cosmetics,...) and the RollDrive for rolled waste bags. With the capcity of over 100 different products and an extrem high packing density it represents the state of the art of smart vending. RFID card activation, LAN and smart payment solutions complete the innovative package.


Golf & more in BENELUX

April 30, 2014

For golf shops it is often difficult to offer a wide product portfolio at limited opening times and often unstable customer frequency. The NX10 sport with BoxDrive for various products is the solution. All basic items such as balls, tees, gloves, handles and brushes can be offered without additional effort. The turnover stays at the court.



Ringier, Tamedia and other Media Houses

December 31, 2013

Ringier and Tamedia are the most recognised media houses for various media channels in Switzerland. They also dominate the print sector with a wide range of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines. josTTech GmbH is operating a nationwide network of over 2.000 vending machines for print products and is providing operation and services for more than a decade now. PX1 and PX10 are reliable and heavy duty machines, that can withstand all weather conditions and vandalism.

Newspaper vending business

June 30, 2012

machine for sales of newspapers, controlled by operator cards. 



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