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vending 4.0

technolgogy & standards

Our clients benefit from excellent swiss engineering. We are providing innovative solutions for vending, such as customer friendly interfaces or efficient handling technologies, e.g. the patented HookDrive for hanging products. Our continous research has resulted in unique customized projects, from which we have derived outstanding new standards.  Today we possess a powerful suite of technologies and solutions, that can be used as standards for new projects or a starting point for further product differentiation.

Our established standards for frame/body, handling technology and electronic solutions can be combined to new unique vending solutions. For many products/articles we have already today the best vending systemes: Hanging Products (Razor blades, cosmetics, tooth care, souvenirs,...), Boxes (cosmetics, cigarettes, bulbs,...) and round products (bottles and cans) can all be stored and handled in the same machine with different technologies.

bodies, frames

sx 10
sx 10 mini

The new standard for versatile vending machines. Up to 100 different products in various handling configurations (e.g. with HookDrive and/or BeltDrive) can be stored in this machine. Easy filling and operating, as products are stored in the same way like on a shelf. Best use of space. Options are cooling (+5 Degrees), Touchscreen, Social Media Activation and many more.  

SX10 family features various models with different outside measures and internal handling technologies. All current payment options apply. Find your best combination, ask us for our solution.

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Vending machine NX10 - sport equipment, maps, Non-Food,...

The NX10 family features compact, wall-mounted or standing vending machines for outdoor use. 

NX10 maps delivers road maps, folder, flyer, Cards

NX10 sports you will find at golfcourses, football stadiums, at swimming pools or tennis courts

NX10 maxi is a bigger variation with more and bigger BoxDrives for a bigger product portfolio

Ejection technology is based on "BoxDrive".

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The PX1 is a reliable and robust machine for any media & print product. 

HookDrive - best solution for hanging products

The HookDrive is a patented josTTech GmbH solution, suited for any hanging product. Ist one of basis technologies for Vending 4.0. For the first hanging products can be stored by using minimum amount of space. This results in saving over 50% of space compared to a conventional "Spiral" machine.  Sensors for "empty" and "nearly empty" allow proper operation and just in time refilling.

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RollDrive - let the products roll

rolls, zylindrical packaging or tubes can be stored and ejected with the  "RollDrive". Transport with the smooth carrier systems caters for smooth product journey to the takeout. Let the "Roll Drive handle rolled waste bags, shopping bags, maps or textiles. 

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MapDrive - for almost every print and paper product

Maps, folders, flyers, gift-cards - the perfect product portfolium for the "MapDrive". This development of jsoTTech Ltd. can handle any paper or print product you have in mind. Usually we use the NX10 or SX10 as a housing for this application. They are both modular and flexible and allow solutions for every location and product.

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The unique "LiftDrive" is our solution for bulk articles, such as single pieces of chocolate, Sweets, snacks, Merchandise or even spare parts. No matter the shape (box, roll, cube,...), all products are safely delivered from the bunker to the delivery. LiftDrive works in combination with different housing, e.g. also behind the front of a real cash dispenser in Davos - the "Schoggimat - Sweety" of Raiffeisenbank. A sweat treat for every client.

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The BoxDrive stores and ejects - boxes, yes. Very often you will find it in a NX10 housing, e.g. in the NX golf. Product slots can be adjusted to the measurements of the articles, but the most powerful configuration are equal slots and the use of standardized packaging. Dense product storage allows for optimized use of volume, machines are very compact.  .

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Horizontal handling of boxes, cans, bottles (cosmetics, creams, gift boxes, cigaretts,...) - there are almost no limits for the "BeltDrive". Smooth horizontal moving of ideally packed products combined with the carrier, which picks up the products on every level inside the vending machine, are a perfect solutions also for breakable products (glass). Sensors trace product movement and Status of storage.  

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Especially for newspapers, magazines of various sizes and thikness and material

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