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Our versatile Vending solutions contribute successfully to the automated sales strategies of many businesses. Based on innovative standard technologies, we combine our solutions to the best of the class vending machines for retail, events, Hotels or facilities. Get to know more about  Vending 4.0 and the advantages of our solutions, such as innovative payment and handling systems - see what the HookDrive can do when it comes to the handling of hanging products. Get an insight about the role of Social Media Marketing in Vending and understand, why it has never been easier to offer flexible product portfolios to your clients:

Retail & shop

Sales Promotion:

24/7 Vending machines as Satellites

Shop-integrated window shopping

Pick-up Station

Order & Collect

Theft protection and intelligent storage:

Secure expensive products, reduce theft and uncontrolled inventory losses

Facilities & shopping center

Solutions for exceptional applications:

- Vending machines for waste management

- Incentives



Service for clients means  24/7 availability of Food, beverages and Non-Food Articles.

osTTech Technology allows flexible and compley product portfolia within one device. Design, cooling, touchscreen, LAN and high density storage are only a few of the convincing properties of the "Food & Service Wall" 

print & media

Vending machines for newspapers and magazines

Point of Sales for tourist & event information, map

Present cards and incentives, merchandise and saftey equipment (with proven track record of safty relevant equipment)

sports &Events

Directly at the point of demand, close to the client. Vending machines at swimming pools, gyms, football stadiums and golf courts.

Fanshops, retailer and sport clubs/associations offer their products and merchandise without barriers on site. Online orders can be picked up where they are needed. .

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