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customized vending services

Development of innovative marketing concepts, Social Media Marketing & Activation

The successful sales organisation masters all "Screens": The Online-Shop as well as the physical shop (where the online shopping experience is copied), the mobile device screen as well as the screen of the vending machine. Only those who are able to send consistent messages to their clients through all channels will be successful in the days of digitalisation. 


Vending 4.0 connects the online world with shops, smartphones and vending machines. Integration of Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) support content and create a new level of connection between clients and the brand by featuring opinions and "likes".

Vending processes can be "Social Media Activated", this describes the use of Social Media Marketing in connection with purchases dane at an vending machine. Lower prices, even gifts can be triggerd when sending a tweet or sharing a photo. This again sparks communication, news and discussion about the product and the brand in the net. 


Additionally a vending machine can be hip, become a trendy  "Pop-up-Store"  or an anchor in the web.

t es in diesem Listenelement? Was ist das Besondere daran? Fügen Sie eine Beschreibung hinzu, die das Interesse Ihrer Besucher weckt.

Development of customized vending solutions

The vending machine today is not a stand-alonme device. We love to consult you when it comes to portfolio, connectivity, marketing, design, presentation, customer-interface, technology and location. In this way your unique vending machine is created, providing an attractive shopping experience for your clients. 


In our Engineering - Center in Wangen/Switzerland we are developing and building innovative and valuable vending machines for the whole world.

Operating & Controlling

Operating, filling, cleaning,  cash - management and adaption of the product portfolium - we like to take the complete challenge. We provide online and realtime Controlling. You receive actual and accurate reports about status, sales figures, top sellers and more.

Service & Maintenance

Service and maintenance provide for a longterm availability of your vending machines. Our service team is on the road for you in the DACH region, to service and update machines, to clean and fill them and collect payments.


Long term service agreements are a sound basis for sustainable operation and sales. Ask us for about our presence in your region and let us contribute to a very special purchase experience.

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