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customized solutions for vending  4.0

josTTech GmbH is THE specialist for innovative, customized vending machines.  These creative Point of Sales can serve as satellite shops, interface between Online Shop and physical store (brick&mortar), as smart storage,  as pick-up-station (order&collect) or additional service point. 

josTTech develops, builds and operates a versatile portfolio of vending machines, which are equipped with patented technology (e.g. HookDrive for handling of hanging products or control systems). Social Media Marketing, Internet of Things (IoT) und Digitalisation have been adopted in our Solutions for Vending 4.0.



Sales Promotion

24/7 - Satellites

Theft Protection

Smart Storage

flexible Product Portfolio

This is Vending 4.0:
- innovative technology allows flexible product portfolios and best possible use of space/volume
- Patented  Hook Drive, handling of hanging products - but at the same time also boxes and/or rolls/bottles/cans in the same vending machine  
- payment options cash, cards or NFC
- Touchscreen, LAN, Online Controlling of Status and sales
- Smart Operation also with smartphone & Co
- Customer friendly interface, smooth product handling (adjustable carrier)
- Social Media Activated, we are integrating  Twitter and Instagram for marketing, communication and shopping experience

Social Media Activated

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